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Farmhouse decor inspired by rustic country charm

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Whether you're on the hunt for Soy Based Candles, Hand Lettered Coffee Mugs, Home Decor, Stationery, or more these collections are packed with recommendations that will boost your home with timeless decor.



Rustic and Reclaimed is a collection of reclaimed and rustic pieces that are perfect for creating a country-chic ambiance with a vintage twist.

The Classic Linen Upholstered Club Chair will provide you with a place to relax and a timeless look for your family room or home office. The Striped Patterns Seagrass Storage Baskets will help you organize any space in boho style. ​Enjoy two products to choose from to create a beautiful entryway vignette: the Reclaimed Wood Folding Desk and the Handcrafted Numbered Vintage Clothes Pin Bundle.


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Hi, friends. I'm Shellie and I'm so glad you're here!! I started Harken out of a joy and passion for the organic fundamentals of life.

"Harken" means to listen or take heed. I've curated a collection of beautiful pieces, harkening back to a time when products were made well, creatively invented and efficiently utilized.


Everything about my philosophy of life and decor can be summed up in one word: simplicity!⠀

rustic farmhouse decor

When it comes to your space, you deserve nothing but the very best décor to fill it with. I strive to bring you pieces invoking that same atmosphere from end to end.

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