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Antique Artisan Style White Metal Candle Lantern

This very popular artisan style lantern by Stonebriar can be used in a variety of ways! Place this Antique White Metal Candle Lantern on your countertop or aside your bathtub for relaxation. Other ideas could be to use it for a centerpiece for a celebration such as a farmhouse themed birthday party, outdoor dinner party, or even wedding decor. The possibilities are endless with this stunning Candle Lantern.

It's perfectly distressed to give it a "worn" look and the colors are 100% shabby chic. You can even hang it -vs- displaying it on a table. It has a sturdy metal handle so if you have a corner you would like illuminated, give it a try!




This is a MUST-OWN item. The ornate design on the glass adds such a primitive touch and really carries through the vintage theme. Absolutely love this weathered vintage candle lantern!


Product Information:

Product Dimensions: 6.38 x 6.38 x 9.92 inches

Item Weight: 2 pounds

Manufacturer: CKK Home Décor

Finish Types: Distressed

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